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New SmartCentre software takes member management to a whole new level 

Hayley Hall 093 EditPulse SmartCentre was officially introduced to the Pulse portfolio of award winning commercial fitness equipment and associated leisure solutions in 2007; its primary objective was to replace the traditional paper based workout plan with intelligent technology that would seamlessly connect equipment, staff and members for greater efficiency.

Since 2007 Pulse has invested in excess of 100,000 development hours to ensure it’s leading the way in providing the latest gym management software solution. Today Pulse SmartCentre is much more than a virtual trainer, it boasts a wealth of communication, interaction and feedback features to make the users’ fitness suite experience more engaging, motivational and enjoyable. The system guides and educates the user around the fitness suite and beyond recording their performance and results which are available in different viewing modes to the user inside and outside the gym environment.

For the trainer and manager Pulse SmartCentre seamlessly connects members, equipment and gym performance for greater efficiency and profitability. It provides them with an interactive communication platform to enter dialogue with members to aid retention and an extensive reporting suite to monitor key performance indicators. 

Pulse’s latest development sees the introduction of “Retention Magnet” this exciting new software is not a bolt-on, simply included in the standard release. It is a tool to simply and efficiently identify, interact and retain gym members. Using features such as powerful reporting tools to manage staff performance and member interaction, customisable interaction reminders including workout review frequency, colour coded member status’ to clearly identify that member interaction is required and the ability to record detailed information against contact types and individual members.

The Retention Magnet module expertly controls customer relations with each member whilst managing and targeting staff for enhanced business performance. Retention Magnet is the 6th development module in 5 years to the technologically advanced SmartCentre and will not be the last for this revolutionary software.

"Maximise trainer efficiency, measure facility performance and help members achieve their goals with SmartCentre – Pulse’s advanced connectivity solution"

Lower Attrition

Craven Swimming Pool and Fitness Centre lowers attrition to 3% in just 5 months using Pulse SmartCentre

IMG 8114The local authority leisure facility explored many different software and training providers before choosing Pulse SmartCentre. The Council’s justification for its decision was for the system’s ability to pro-actively improve communication and feedback to its members, but also for the systems additional added value of inbuilt retention tools, virtual trainer technology and management reporting systems.

Installed in September 2011, SmartCentre was an instant hit. With a 60% female bias coupled with a prominent 50+ membership base, management are delighted by how quickly members have learnt to use the simple interface echnology and the impact it has had on usage across the gym floor in particular with the resistance equipment. SmartCentre’s ability to support, guide and engage the user on safe and maximum exercise performance along with instant feedback and results is breaking down the barriers to equipment some users have been intimidated by previously.  

Recognising the wider benefits of Pulse SmartCentre, the council was keen to utilize the innovative technology external to the gym environment and consequently installed a secondary kiosk in the main reception hub, enabling swimmers and fitness class participators to record, track and monitor their results via the inbuilt activities feature in Pulse SmartCentre. The membership reporting, monitoring features and messaging capabilities has dramatically improved communication and interaction between members and staff.

Staff at Craven are proactively engaging with members as they can instantly see a reason to talk with a member based upon their attendance, performance or activity. Likewise members are using the messaging interface to communicate with staff to ask for additional advice and support where previously they may have been reluctant to talk face to face.

The greatest impact Pulse SmartCentre has had for the business is the 24% increase in new membership and the 6% decrease in attrition over a five month period. At the time of installation the membership base was 1200 members and business forecast projected a 1500 membership base within 12 months, however Craven with the help of Pulse exceeded this target in less than 6 months with a membership base of 1580 whilst also lowering attrition from an average of 8-9% to just 3%.

Craven Swimming Pool and Fitness is achieving outstanding performance across many areas and as a result the council is being used as blue print of best practice to other local authorities in the UK, if they continue to improve at their current pace the facility will achieve cost neutral status in 2013.

"Maximise trainer efficiency, measure facility performance and help members achieve their goals with SmartCentre – Pulse’s advanced connectivity solution"

Membership Growth

Gym membership hits ground breaking record for Barnsley Premier Leisure - 646% membership growth

IMG 8123Barnsley Premier Leisure (BPL) has always recognised the benefits a gym management software solution can provide, historically using the key system before investing in Pulse SmartCentre back in 2008 at their flag ship site the Barnsley Metrodome. “As you can see since partnering with Pulse in 2008 we have achieved a 646% membership growth across our sites. We solely believe this has been achieved with the continued help and business support from Pulse, their expertise and equipment has enabled us to implement effective and efficient sales, marketing and retention strategies and ultimately to become more commercially focused.

We have also worked alongside Pulse steering aspects of the software development to support and manage our GP referral scheme. As a result SmartCentre is capable of recording personal information such as blood pressure, smoking, diabetes, alcohol consumption, medication etc., it can now generate bespoke KPI reports to calculate and present data which prove the effectiveness of the scheme and has helped us to secure additional funding.

"The success of the Barnsley Metrodome with impactful results, continued customer service and complimentary feedback from staff and members alike secured our relationship with Pulse to project manage and install SmartCentre at our other three  sites too"

Due to the sensitivity of the information Pulse has provided additional privacy controls to limit which staff have access to this information and supported on us training key staff to use the system, enter the data and consequently use the data to manage the GP referral process and convert the GP referral into a paying member at the end of the scheme. 

Pulse are very proactive and supportive in their partnership working practises and we are keen to work with them to further enhance SmartCentre as a comprehensive gym management technology package.” comments Steve Roberts, Head of Business Development at Barnsley Premier Leisure.


MetroRoyston _membership _table

The Future

Dave Johnson Design and Production Director at Pulse talks about the latest updates and what the future might hold for this intelligent software solution. 

David JohnsonConnectivity is at the heart of the design process for Pulse both within SmartCentre and within other product lines. We have an extensive research and development team based at our UK headquarters which impart the innovation whilst SmartCentre has the capability to evolve in line with emerging technologies and trends in the fitness market place, to always ensure it stays one step ahead of competition.

Retention Magnet our latest development module cannot be surpassed by any other technology on the market place; it is a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management tool for any size of leisure facility. Other recent SmartCentre enhancements include new tools to cleanse your data more efficiently, the option to customise the health and wellbeing questionnaire to match your clubs requirements and the capability to easily categorise, contact and report on members using custom member groups.

Our biggest area of development has been to support the GP referral scheme adding tools and reporting capabilities to calculate and present data on key areas such as blood pressure, smoking, diabetes, alcohol consumption and medication. We have also introduced a set of Tanita digital scales that provide a body composition analysis, measuring weight, body fat, body water, BMI, BMR, fat free mass, visceral fat level and metabolic age, all of the results collated are seamlessly populated into the SmartCentre system to further enhance and support our GP referral scheme capabilities.

What I personally find most rewarding is the different benefits and uses SmartCentre offers to our extensive client base, for example we have schools that extract the workout data and use this to support cross-curricular activities in ICT, maths and science, some local authority sites are pro-actively using the system to run effective GP referral programs whilst our larger private clubs are using SmartCentre to create a community with competitions and leader boards which are being supported via social media platforms.

We are very much committed to the on-going research and development of SmartCentre and pro-actively work with industry professionals and our existing clients throughout the world to achieve this, we hope in 2013 to introduce many new exciting developments and  improvements.

IMG 2399Retention Magnet LogoTrainer User 2