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Pulse delivers a sustainable turnkey dual use leisure solution to help generate secondary income whilst improving student’s physical activity and attainment.

Montsaye Academy in Rothwell is a leading educational provider to more than 1100 children aged 11 to 18 years, specialising in language, humanities and applied learning; the academy is also an applied learning school.

montsaye gym outside imageMontsaye logomontsaye gym with equipment

Prior to this project the existing sports and fitness provision at the Academy consisted of a 20m swimming pool, four court sports hall, a 3G all-weather pitch and five grass football pitches.

In 2012 following a competitive tendering process Pulse were appointed to deliver the Academy’s vision and satisfy aspirations for a new dual use fitness facility. Chosen for their ability to offer a more bespoke and tailored service with the added value of more than 30 years professional leisure expertise, Pulse rose to the challenge - providing an objective assessment of how the school could increase school fitness facilities to generate a revenue surplus whilst covering year-round operational costs.

The Challenge

The Academy’s vision was to enable students with access to high-quality fitness facilities, expand on the delivery of curricular based opportunities, widen access to the local community and to do so commercially to negate any overhead costs.

The biggest challenge for Pulse was to achieve this in less than six weeks, on a strict budget and within the existing shell of a disused engineering building!

In addition to the challenging building space which structurally was strong but impractical due to it’s original purpose. Pulse not only needed to make the space an attractive environment that would engage and motivate fitness users and members but to also ensure optimum security, access and safety at all times for the different user groups.

Pulse were also challenged with meeting the needs of the pupils and wider community with a varied and engaging mix of equipment, which needed to entice, attract and encourage participation whilst providing safe and effective performance for the varied age and ability levels of pupils and public alike.

Montsaye three images of gym in build

"Pulse were also challenged with meeting the needs of the pupils and wider community with a varied and engaging mix of equipment"

Utilising Pulse’ professional leisure management expertise Montsaye Academy also asked for assistance and recommendation regarding all commercial aspects in particular the management of members and procedures for booking, ticketing, cash handling, direct debit collection and reporting on key performance indicators such as participation and revenue.


The desirable outcomes for the project were to:

  • Create a sustainable dual use leisure facility within an underutilised building
  • Increase physical activity participation amongst pupils and staff
  • Have the ability to monitor engagement, participation and improvement amongst pupils and staff alike
  • Improve standards of performance across a range of sport and fitness
  • Increase attainment and achievement in P.E. and related subjects
  • Use fitness to improve personal and social development amongst students
  • Create community pathways to engage local community
  • Adopt a commercial strategy for ensuring a viable, sustainable business with the potential to generate a secondary income
  • P.E. and sport to have a positive influence across other key curriculum subjects
  • To deliver proactive outreach, sports and fitness development programmes

Our Solution

A modern, attractive, practical and sustainable 38 station fitness suite, an engaging dance studio featuring revolutionary interactive dance mat system, a welcoming controlled entrance point, easy to use gym management software and IT infrastructure.

Pulse presented practical well considered advice with rationale, justification and the relevant projected costs with return on investment and encouraged the academy to review their recommendations in consultation with key stakeholders, in particular the board of governors.

The recommendations included equipment selection, design and layout, building refurbishment including decoration and branding and facility management issues such as marketing, sales, health and safety, security, maintenance and replacement costs and IT infrastructure.

3d image of gym layout

Equipment selection was imperative for the space available and broad users:

  • Pulse’ Fusion cardiovascular equipment was chosen for its self powered design feature helping to keep the school’s energy costs to a minimum and additionally help reduce their overall carbon footprint
  • Pulse group cycles provided a fun, aerobically challenging option for P.E. classes and also broadened the group exercise offering for public membership
  • Innovative Dance Mats were selected for their ability to be a fun alternative to P.E. lessons especially for key stage 3 girls. Local feeder schools will be invited to participate in dance mat sessions and the school will use the mats for birthday parties and holiday club activities.
  • Pulse’ gym management software – SmartCentre provides easy organisation of P.E. lessons, allowing for an engaging way for children to be educated in the benefits and progressions of exercise programmes. It will also benefit retention of public membership base, with personalised exercise programmes and improved member communication and interaction.

Services Delivered

  • Dedicated account manager
  • Site survey visit and report
  • Detailed business plan
  • Building refurbishment and decoration services
  • Equipment selection and layout advice
  • 2d and 3d gym designs including interior branding
  • Sales and marketing services
  • Operational management support
  • Integrated Freeview television and iPod/iPhone compatible fitness equipment
  • Energy efficient fitness equipment – saving up to £100 per yr per machine
  • Virtual trainer gym management software – SmartCentre
  • Unique children’s interactive fitness equipment
  • Facility management software to support all aspects of a leisure facility including direct debit management, CRM, EPOS, timetabling etc
  • Comprehensive staff training program
  • Attractive service and maintenance program for 5 years
  • Dedicated service engineer
  • Cost effective finance/leasing package

The Results

A state-of-the art fitness facility at the centre of community and school life that does not limit by age, ability or economic circumstances; ultimately offering inclusive facilities at an inclusive price!

The new fitness facility complements the broader delivery of the academy’s curriculum and existing sports and fitness offering to pupils and staff.

It enables the pupils to have regular, monitored access to a state-of the-art fitness suite as part of their timetable and/or for extracurricular usage; pupils have the ability to record their participation and activity and then utilise this data to supplement and use across other key subject areas such as maths, science and ICT.

More than 1000 students have used the new facility since its opening in October 2012, average participation is 45 minutes in duration, twice a week.


As expected, a positive impact has been seen in the wellbeing of pupils. Additionally personal quality improvements such as confidence, concentration, and self-esteem have all increased.

345 private members paying an affordable monthly fee have already joined and more than 50 paying staff members are also maintaining regular use of the fitness facility. There is an exciting and varied class timetable providing more than 14 classes per week which include activities such as spin,circuits, Bowka, street fit and dance mats.

The academy is also in the process of developing strategic partnerships with sports clubs and local groups to grow its income potential and have the ability to offer additional after school sports programs to pupils.

Client Testimonial

"A new fitness suite was a key component of the school development plan for internal and external growth at Montsaye Academy in 2012. Without doubt Pulse has been at the heart of the entire project providing valuable input and innovative solutions.

We have seen a new culture spread across the whole school for the desire to lead a healthier, fitter lifestyle by utilising the high quality facilities; not only has this provided great benefits in the delivery of PE and Sport but early indications show an improvement amongst pupils towards participation, behaviour and well being.

Whilst the commercial aspect is still in its infancy we are confident that with Pulse’ wealth of commercial knowledge and continued support this will continue to grow. The member management software has been a valuable asset which we are using to track activity, control and collect cash and DD payments and manage all other member interactions.

It is great to see Montsaye Academy at the heart of the local community for not only delivering education in partnership but also excellent sporting and fitness facilities in partnership."

Peter Leaver, Business Manager at Montsaye Academy