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Pulse launch flagship leisure complex in partnership with Carshalton College, Surrey

A 30 year track record of delivering over 60 public sector investment partnerships secured Pulse the position of principal contractor for the prestigious £4.6 million leisure development project at Carshalton College.

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From the demolition of an existing sports hall to the design, build, equip and launch of the impressive new health, fitness, swimming and sports complex, Pulse solely managed the entire project in just 52 weeks. Pulse presented four successful partnership options to the college; fund, design, build and operate; fund, design and build; design, build and operate and design, build and manage sales. Opting to fully maximise Pulse’s 30 year leisure experience background, Carshalton College chose a Total Pulse Investment Partnership whereby Pulse invested £2.9m, designed, built and equipped the complex and will operate  the complex over a 30 year self-funding partnership.

Freshly branded Pulse Health & Fitness, the inspiring leisure complex officially opened its doors in September  2010 with 1,000  pre-sold memberships. The opening  membership base consisted of 90% private members  against 10% students and staff from the college, generating an impressive income from day one. Open seven days a week the complex provides the college with a vibrant and modern  mix of fitness, health, sport and relaxation activities and an invaluable income by offering affordable membership packages  to the wider community.

Added benefits such as daily student timetabled access, discounted memberships and an expansion not only to the college’s existing  curriculum offering but also to the diverse portfolio of courses available, all contribute to the prospering  growth  of the college’s local and  national status.

The Brief

From a blank canvas to a modern sustainable leisure complex

The brief given to Pulse was to utilise their design experience and operational management expertise to:

  • Deliver a sustainable, income generating leisure complex that maximises the use of space whilst keeping immediate and lifetime operational costs to a minimum. 
  • Create a high quality sports and fitness complex that meets the needs of the internal market.  
  • Increase community engagement and inclusion through the delivery of affordable health, fitness and sports memberships

Barnsley -Metrodome -Overview -01

Specialising in redeveloping existing or building new leisure facilities, the Pulse design team relished the opportunity to design and build a completely new, complex from a blank canvas. Pulse and their design team created a modern  two storey building that complements the existing college buildings and went on to create a practical use of internal space to zone the different facilities which include a swimming pool, steam room, sports hall, three dance studios 80 station fitness suite, changing areas and student common room.  

High quality build materials and the highest standard  finishes internally and externally were used throughout the complex. This includes specially chosen flooring materials, lighting, air conditioning and co-ordinated designs that  combine and optimise aesthetics and practicality in equal measure.

Environmental efficiency at the heart of the project

The Pulse commitment to environmental efficiency can be seen in all aspects  of the design and build, proudly achieving an Energy Performance  Asset Rating of Grade A and BREEAM ‘Very Good’ ratings through  the use of the latest green technology, from Biodiesel B100 fuelled boilers to self-powered fitness equipment. Even the building rubble from the demolition sites was recycled for new grounds at the 2012 Olympic stadium site in London!

The fitness suite is equipped with Pulse’s latest cardiovascular range ‘Fusion’, an innovative British technological  savvy design which features the latest self- powered  energy saving technology and state-of-the-art multimedia entertainment solutions.The unique design of the equipment eliminates the need for mains power and coaxial cables and provides additional entertainment in the fitness suite, whilst reducing the demand on the air conditioning systems, thereby helping to massively reduce ongoing utility bills for the large complex.

The Solution

Total Leisure Solutions

As the UK’s leading ‘Total Leisure Solutions’ provider, Pulse were able to quickly research, design and present a detailed business solution that was not only self financing, but provided a valuable additional income stream going forwards.

  • £2.9M investment by Pulse
  • Design, build & funding
  • ‘Grade A’ energy rating
  • BREEAM ‘Very Good’ rating
  • Fitness equipment supply
  • Full sales & marketing services
  • Full operational support services

Consequently, after a full EU procurement exercise Carshalton College appointed Pulse as their preferred partner and work quickly began with the demolition of a tired old sports hall, to make way for an impressive new £4.5M complex.

The new facility, which opened September 2010, was completed in just 52 weeks and comprises of an 18m swimming pool, steam room, sports hall, 80 station gym, three dance studios and a student activity zone.

Environmental efficiency was at the heart of the design and build, achieving an Energy Performance Asset Rating of Grade A and BREEAM ‘Very Good’ ratings, through use of the latest green technology, from Biodiesel B100 fuelled boilers to self-powered, wireless fitness equipment.

An 8 week intensive pre-launch sales and marketing campaign, produced over 1,000 members pre-opening and the impressive new complex clearly demonstrates how Pulse can provide a ‘total leisure solution’ for its public sector partners.

Sales & Marketing

A new brand, explosive launch campaign and online initiatives exceed sales targets 

Poster _1Carshalton College provided the perfect opportunity to launch an all-new brand for Pulse that would build on the company’s experience and expertise on providing successful leisure facility management partnerships to the health and fitness sector. 

The Pulse marketing team researched created and delivered a brand and marketing plan that reflected the supremacy of the complex. The execution of the marketing was imperative to not only raise awareness but also convey the correct perception to the wider community, thus driving the private membership base required to see a revenue return on the investment.

A striking, bold, modern Pulse brand, supported by clear sub-brands of Gym, Swim, Sports and Classes is highly visible both internally and externally, complemented by clear signage, information points, corporate stationery, staff uniforms and a range of publicity materials. 

A 12-week pre-launch sales push covered all aspects of the marketing mix, creatively combining traditional marketing methods of print and broadcast advertising with several new online initiatives ensuring all researched target audiences were reached with enticing marketing communications.

A dedicated interactive ‘micro’ website, several e-shot campaigns and social media sites Facebook and Twitter were all used to accelerate pre-launch awareness. Pulse hope to continue utilising social media as a tool to communicate feedback on the facilities and member satisfaction.

Memberships sold prior to opening smashed the 1,000 target! With many joining on a lifetime promotion, thereby providing Pulse the best of worlds, generating substantial initial revenue but guaranteeing an on-going income for a minimum term.

Facebook -LogoPoster _2Twitter -logo

Sporting Legacy

Pulse investment made sporting legacy possible

Robin Greenaway, Vice Principal, Carshalton College (left) with Chris Johnson, Managing Director, Pulse Group, pictured laying the last section of concrete as the project nears completion.

"Carshalton College are privileged to have been given this partnership opportunity to work with Pulse"

 We interviewed Robin Greenaway, Vice Principal at Carshalton College for his views on commissioning Pulse to deliver the college’s new health and fitness complex. 

“Carshalton College are privileged to have been given this partnership opportunity to work with Pulse. The investment, expertise and knowledge Pulse presented, has been invaluable to provide and deliver our sporting legacy to the community of Sutton.

From the start of the project we have shared the same values and collectively we have created a business model that works for both parties objectives.

We are now able to extend our course prospectus to accommodate new sporting qualifications and receive another income stream alongside our already successful community businesses Nightingales Restaurant and Renaissance Salon.

We are delighted with the end outcome, the construction and finish of the facility surpasses our expectations and the health and fitness mix including Pulse’s own fitness equipment is revolutionary. We are proud to have such a fantastic, modern, environmentally friendly facility on our campus that is already proving to be extremely popular in engaging students, staff and the community in participating in a healthier and fitter lifestyle.”

3D Animation


3D Animation

Click here to view a full 3D rendered walkthrough of the state-of-the-art facilities at Pulse Health & Fitness Carshalton, created by our in-house conceptualist.


Carshalton Reception


The spacious and stylish entrance foyer, sets the tone for the quality and attention to detail that can be seen throughout the complex. Creative and impactful graphics help to reinforce the brand.

Carshalton Change

Changing Space

The separate  male and female changing facilities benefit from fully tiled finishes, quality locker systems, tiled floors with under- floor heating  and child proof drainage  channels for easy cleaning.

Carshalton Pool

Swimming Pool

The impressive sports hall accommodates a range of sporting activities and features  Junkers Sylva Sport Premium flooring, flush to the wall safety doors, two-tone self coloured blockwork and lighting to give 200, 400 or 600 Lux levels.Boasting a luxurious energy efficient, semi-deck level swimming pool and state-of-the-art steam  room, featuring mood effect lighting and mosaic tiling, to create a quality and sophisticated environment.

Carshalton Gym

Dance  Studios

The largest of the two dance studios can be split using integral soundproof screens and both  feature mirrored walls, Junkers Sylva Sport Premium flooring and the latest sound system technology.

Carshalton Dance Studio

Fitness  Suite

The 80 station gym is equipped with the very latest Pulse cardiovascular, resistance and freeweight equipment, featuring self-powered, energy saving wireless TV and entertainment technology.