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Gym Design

Our in-house professional design team create gym layouts and propose interior schemes to maximise your investment potential in terms of user demand and diversity.

Gym Design Main 2


From a basic hand drawn sketch our designers will plan and position your equipment selection incorporating natural features to create the perfect exercise environment.

Gym Design


Using Auto-CAD (Computer Aided Design) each piece of Pulse equipment is perfectly modelled to true size giving you the operator the peace of mind that the equipment will fit perfectly in the allocated space whilst meeting industry regulations.

Gym Design 3D 2


Using our revolutionary software we can then take your 2D plan and visualise it as real-life replica in 3D, complete with proposed colour schemes, branding and interior furnishings. 3D examples are perfect to retain and gain new members through pro-active marketing initiatives.

Gym Design Movie 2


As per the 3D design our in house conceptualist can then create a full 3D rendered animation of the fitness suite or entire leisure centre, visualising all aspects and every minute detail of the refurbished or new fitness facility.

Design & Build

We cover everything from initial concept and feasibility study to facility design, construction, ongoing project management and equipment provision, plus comprehensive support services ranging from staff training and sales support to marketing and operations management.

We offer a flexible ‘menu of solutions’ from which you select what suits your business plans; as little or as much as you need. What’s more, we provide substantial investment without the need for capital expenditure from our clients.

Concept to Completion

Effective design and build is the key factor in establishing your new facility, and our dedicated and highly motivated team have a proven track record of delivering tried and tested, high quality developments on time and on budget.

Our experience stems from the capability to manage large-scale entire leisure facility developments incorporating new build or refurbishment of redundant or under utilised areas - including fitness suites, dance studios, swimming pools, sports halls, spa facilities, soccer centres, changing rooms, receptions and cafeterias.

Feasibility Studies

We undertake site surveys and produce a comprehensive feasibility study covering such issues as the suitability of the site, structure, space and layout, disabled access, Health & Safety, security and environmental impact.

Most importantly, we listen to what you want to achieve and create a proposal that is specifically tailored to turn your vision into reality and to meet the needs of your existing and future users.

Project Management

Our service encompasses every aspect from architecture and interior design through scope of works to structural engineering, surveying, planning supervision and cost control.

We prepare a building programme and project-manage it through to completion, working with other construction professions and planning authorities to minimise downtime and maximise your income.

We manage and complete all building works, including extensions, refurbishment works, layout and modifications, and install all equipment, fixtures and fittings to an agreed specification and timescale.