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About Us

Pulse is a leading global provider of pioneering commercial fitness equipment and associated leisure solutions.

Pulse’s core services include research, design, development, installation and service of a world class fitness equipment portfolio which consists of innovative cardiovascular equipment, stylish strength machines, functional freeweights, high performance spin bikes, hi-tech gym management software and revolutionary children’s interactive fitness solutions, funded leisure development partnerships for soccer, sports, fitness, health and wellbeing provision and operational leisure management support solutions.

The Pulse group is the largest ‘total leisure solutions’ provider, serving more than 3,000 gyms, in 30 countries on 5 continents. Represented worldwide the Pulse group has a 100 person strong sales force operating from offices across 4 countries, providing sales and customer support in more than 20 languages.

Founded in 1980 by design and engineering professionals Chris and Dave Johnson, the Pulse group is still managed today by the company’s founders, from its UK head offices in Cheshire. Originally formed to design and manufacture freeweight and strength equipment, the company quickly recognised opportunities to provide leisure operators with new health, fitness and leisure solutions, thereby transforming into the leading leisure solutions organisation it is today.

Pulse prides itself on being the only manufacturer to have wholly in-house based teams that design, build, assemble and service its own equipment solutions. All of Pulse’s equipment follows the same design principles, ensuring they look part of a unified family, and that they are stylish, innovative, inclusive, motivational, durable and offer the user maximum workout performance. Our latest cardiovascular range boasts a technological savvy design, featuring the latest energy saving technology and state-of-the-art integrated multi-media entertainment solution. The unique design of the equipment eliminates the needs for mains power, additional entertainment in the fitness suite and reduces the demand on the air conditioning systems, thereby helping to significantly reduce utility bills for the operator.

More than 30 years experience and expertise within the leisure industry, along with an award winning portfolio of equipment solutions ensures Pulse is prominently positioned in many market sectors including private health and leisure, spa, hotel, sports and recreation, schools, colleges, university and local authority markets.